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What we do

A team of IT professionals to drive efficiency and improve service levels

ProActivity’s IT outsourcing services offer companies an efficient and flexible solution to implement projects, manage peak workloads and optimize the production process.

We provide our clients with developers and IT experts specialized in enterprise-level software solutions, with years of experience in Front-End, Back-End, Mobile and UX/UI.

The areas where we can support you.


ProActivity provides IT professionals who are specialized in back-end development, with proven experience and an established knowledge of the main technologies and languages in the field. Specifically:
# Java 8, Java EE 7+, older versions of Java (es. Java EE 6)
# JPA (2.x and previous ones)
# WS* (SOAP)
# JAX-RS (Rest)
# Spring/Spring Boot
# Microservices (Jakarta EE Micro Profile/Spring Cloud)
# Application Server (open source and proprietary)
# Relational Database (open source and proprietary)
# .NET - Cloud & SRE


Are you looking for professionals in Front-end development? ProActivity has the solution for you: programmers with many years of certified experience on the main technologies and programming languages in the Front-end field, including:
# Angular
# React
# Vue.js


If your need is to streamline processes and procedures required for writing software for mobile devices, you can rely on our professionals in mobile application development. We will help you develop applications that not only can be used on mobile devices, but also take full advantage of their unique features. We have extensive experience in designing and developing mobile apps, both native and hybrid. Contact us if you are looking for professionals with certified experience in:
# Native Android
# Kotlin, Java
# Native iOS
# Swift, Objective-C
# Hybrid
# Flutter


We design and develop user-centered solutions that are always versatile, scalable and in line with business objectives. We create intuitive and accessible interfaces, focused on the end user, always in close collaboration with the customer. Thanks to the many years of experience of our professionals, you will be able to receive support on the main areas within the UX and UI scenario:
# Interviews and focus groups
# Buyer Personas and Customer
# Journey
# Workshop
# Usability testing
# Information Architecture
# Visual Design & Creatività
# Copywriting & Content


Application Maintenance service refers to the ongoing support, updates and enhancements provided for an existing software application. This service allows you to:
# Ensure the continuity of the infrastructure supporting business services
# Correct any malfunctions
# Monitor performance and proper operation of existing solutions
# Keep the supporting infrastructure up to date
# Adapt the application to new business needs of the company

Flexible and integrated


We offer our services to consulting firms, system integrators, and end customers to support them in meeting the challenges of digital evolution.

Based on project needs, we provide developers and project managers with different levels of seniority, from junior/middle to senior and tech lead. Our specialists integrate seamlessly within the client’s production processes, adopting both Agile (Scrum, Kanban) and traditional (Waterfall and similar) methodologies.

Our expertise and flexibility allows us to provide specialized support for one or more stages of the production process, from the strategic planning passing through the design development until the project optimization.

How can we help you?

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