software is a

new art form

Quality. Experience. Delivery.

ProActivity provides extraordinary value to companies through a robust team of experienced IT Professionals specialized in the development of enterprise-level software solutions.

We assist and support our clients in managing digital transformation challenges while driving efficiency and improving service levels, no matter the industry. In this way, organizations can easily respond to changing market and business conditions, improve operational efficiencies and elevate performance.

    What makes us stand out from the competition is the perfect blend of:
  • :: unrivaled skills and competences on the most widely used technologies
  • :: code quality
  • :: flexibility and adaptability, according to the client’s specific needs
  • :: team stability
  • :: premium delivery
  • How we work

    Our highly skilled Professionals will assist you in your technological journey, raising your business to the next level through:


    Quality is a must in our software development. Having subject-matter and technical knowledge as well as proven tools, our IT specialists are able to complete even the most demanding tasks and complex projects.

    Professional approach

    We bring together the right blend of software and capabilities, delivering a technology experience tailored to the client’s specific business. Our team always follows the client’s choices in terms of work organization. When possible, we prefer to opt for the Agile method (Scrum, Kanban). However, we can adapt to other traditional methodologies when required (Waterfall or similar).

    Continuous training

    Training represents one of ProActivity’s pillars, as we consider it a prerogative for the premium-quality of our code. Along with an initial training, our Professionals keep on attending training courses in order to consolidate their skills. We teach them how to write tests, structure code, follow Clean Code best practices, and how to evolve by following the evolution of the main programming languages.

    Stability and delivery

    Security and constancy are keys to a successful digital journey. We assist you at every step of your technology challenges and transformation, right from the beginning up to the last pixel. We won’t change team members to respond to our internal needs, and we are ready to promptly take action to manage eventual criticality within the team.


    In order to keep the pace with today’s ever-changing technology scenario, being able to orientate in the digital world with deep knowledge, consciousness and a proactive attitude is essential. Having Professionals on your side is thus vital to uncover the right tech for your toughest business issues.


    Through our services, we contribute to modernizing the world in which we live and work, combining professional competences and expertise in enterprise-level software solutions to interpret new business models.


    ProActivity is uniquely positioned to help enterprises maximize the business value of their IT investments and lay a foundation for high performance with top-notch IT Professionals outsourcing. Our mission is to leverage our clients’ time and increase their productivity, by supporting them in their daily IT challenges.

    All this makes ProActivity a trustworthy Partner for your business, ready to listen to your needs and respond to them with great care and attention to detail.



    We deploy highly skilled specialists to boost needed capacity or provide specialized capabilities that are lacking within a company’s internal IT team. With Proactivity’s help, clients gain access to high quality, knowledgeable resources that can support them on both Back-end and Front-end side.


    Java 8+ / Java EE 7+

    Support on less recent Java EE versions (ex. Java EE 6)

    Application Server (Open Source / Main Vendors)

    Relational Database (Open Source / Main Vendors)

    JPA ( 2.x or previous)

    WS* (SOAP)

    JAX-RS (Rest)

    Spring / Spring Boot

    Microservices (Jakarta EE Micro Profile / Spring Cloud)

    Cloud based technologies (mainly AWS)






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    ProActivity is a new-born company, who is eager to welcome new talents.
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